yupp, this is the city I'm living in !

Fast nu är det ju dock höst!

Såhär beskrivs Bournemouth på en hemsida för bussresor,
och jag kunde inte beskrivit det bättre själv! :)

Hop on a coach to Bournemouth, and join over a million visitors a year, who flock to this charming seaside town in the south of England to admire its seven miles of golden beaches and its splendid Victorian architecture. Coach travel to Bournemouth is always a good idea for people who want to explore the town's beautiful parks and gardens, dine in its world-class restaurants, and party in its vibrant clubs and bars.

Even on a rainy day, passengers who take coaches to Bournemouth will be far from bored. There are museums, castles and stately homes, with plenty to occupy adults and children alike. Several theatres offer live entertainment, from classical music to stand-up comedy, via Shakespeare plays and ice skating. People who take coaches to Bournemouth can always rely on the good old English institution of high tea, served in many of Bournemouth's tearooms, cafes and hotels.

Coach travel to Bournemouth is also popular amongst party-goers. After dark, Bournemouth's dizzying array of pubs, bars, restaurants and nightclubs comes to life. Bournemouth coach travel means visitors will be able to enjoy all the town's nightlife has to offer. For something a bit different, take a coach to Bournemouth to enjoy the many comedy and cabaret clubs, live music venues, and some of the UK?s best bars, guaranteed to add a bit of spice to any holiday.

Take a coach to Bournemouth and enjoy a warm welcome from some of its friendly residents. After all, Bournemouth was recently found to be the happiest place in Britain, with 82% of inhabitants saying they were happy with their lives. And with all the town has to offer, this is really no surprise.

Postat av: Fredrika

Synd att du kom och var där "fel säsong" - men bättre fel än inte alls! :o)

2011-12-06 @ 12:48:35

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