when i'm with you

Jag läser aldrig låttexter i andras bloggar, speciellt inte om dom är kursiverade!

MEN, jag vet ju inte vad andra tycker om och inte, så jag ger er möjligheten att läsa en av låttexterna jag skrev för nått år sen. Elin och Elin skulle sjunga den, med yellowcard - everywhere som bakgrundsmusik, och det lät så jävla bra tyckte jag, men efter nått tag så sket vi i det i alla fall. Lite synd ändå, hade säkert blivigt bra : )


everything feels alright when i'm with you.
i don't know how you do, but you make me feel so fine.
the way you kiss me, the way you hold me tight.
i don't know, but everything just feels so right.
its like your hand is made for mine.

the way i feel for you can not be written by words.

sometimes it can be hard to be on your own,
to carry so much pain all by yourself.
but it feels good to know that i can share everything with you,
that makes the pain is only half as hard to take care of.

i know that you will help me whenever i need help.
and i hope you know that i would do the same.
cause the way i love you is so hard to put in sentence.
i know our love is true, i just hope it will last forever.

some days i wake up and it feels like hell inside,
but just to see you, makes everything alright again.
you're like this big light, who shines up my world.
i'll do anything to keep having you by my side.
you know, i've never ever felt like this before.

when i'm with you, i can smile all day long. i'm happy with you,
i love you and i know that you know it.

i'll never let go of you.
you&me baby, its forever and always.


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