This is what turns up when i rip my heart open and speak for it

Tillbaka från gymmet och medan jag cyklade hemmåt så snackade mitt huvud engelska med mig och dom här raderna ploppade upp

I'm scared to try because I'm scared of doing it the wrong way
I'm scared for my expectations, and I'm scared to let them go
I'm scared to actually win beacause that means the loosing afterwards gets harder
I'm scared of having to share my time, my space and my mind
I'm scared that someone would get to know me better than I do
I'm scared of gettin rejected and I'm scared to be the one who rejects
I'm scared to fall in love, because it hurts so bad when it disappears
I've only got hurt once, and my reaktion wasn't good.
And what scares me the most is that -
that wasn't even love.

How would I end up this time when I put my heart in someones hands and he drops it?
I'm scared.

I know that as long as I'm afraid of loosing, I can't win.
But I always wonder:

Is it REALLY worth it to be a winner, when it's never really forever and there is heartache just around the corner?

As you can read between the lines I don't believe that a never-ending love exists. I'm sorry but there is no happy ever after.


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