I sincerely felt like if I had just met my... soul mate

Oj. Mitt hjärta talade genom mina fingrar.
Så vacker text från ett så vackert minne. Ett minne som var glömt. Eller förträngt.
Eller bara vilse.

Thinking back to that day. Those feelings.
That note I wrote down on my phone.
Just to keep the memory alive of how real it actually was. How real it felt.
It was all so surreal. It felt like if i was trapped in a psychosis, or deep down in a dream.
And the question still remains.
Was it quincidence or fate?

What if I never would have had the courage to say that first word?
To swallow that pride or shame from the old days and just say “Hi”

Something was definitely in the air that night.
In the sound waves from your guitar and the hurt in your voice.

I’m telling you, from the most honest place of my heart..
That voice was like needles penetrating my skin,
so sensitive, so fragile, so honest, so real.
I could feel the hurt from your past finding its way  back through the sound waves,
- hittin’ my eardrums.

Your eyes pierced mine
It was like we could see parts of ourselves in each other
Like if we both felt understood in a way we never experienced before.

Too bad I didn’t meet you earlier, or during other circumstances..
I can't help but wonder.. what if I would have never had to leave?
What if my trip could have waited? What if I would have stayed?
You know.. You could have asked me anything,
I would've left everything behind and traveled to the moon with you.

You see,
Something about you made me feel… Like I’ve missed out on something in life.
That feeling made me.. wiser.
And I wanna know more.

I sincerely felt like I had met my soul mate.
But when I was ready to tell you, I couldn’t find you.

It's wierd though..
I just know that we will meet again.
When the time is right..
Fate or quincidence will bring us together, again.


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