One last sigh before the new year brings me new air to breathe

I don't know, man. I seriously don't know anymore.
Or maybe I know to much?

Tired of the god damn daze.
My thoughts won't connect, I have reached the point when there are too many.
To many opinions with explanations that are too long. No way to dismiss, no way to summon. Just a blurry god damn daze of opinions that doesn't meet up with the rest. And opinions flying solo is no fare opinion at all.

Fuck it. I need to turn the #definingmyselfbotton OFF, and get back to basics again.
There is no point of trying to define anything in this world when questionmarks keeps multiplying before any answer is known. Seriously, there are too many things to keep in mind to actually have an answer for anything. And those who don't agree doesn't know enough.


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